The Challenge


The 2008 crisis had a devastating effect on the housing market and in turn, the furniture market. New York Stock Listed Koda called in NBDA to develop a 5-year business transformation strategy to turnaround the business.

The starting point for team NBDA was to formulate a strategy and action plan which would enable Koda to double its turnover. Early in the project, it grew clear that this required design and user insights to be embedded into the core of the business. This gave rise to the idea to transform Koda from a solely manufacturing operation into a company which also includes an Asian-focused retail arm. Four years on, Commune Living stands at over twenty outlets and Koda Furniture nearly doubled its turnover.

Services Provided

  • Trend Research
  • Buyer research
  • Organisational scan
  • Business Strategy formulation
  • Organisational action set up & action plan
  • Innovation roadmap
  • Design Themes & Design team set up
  • Portfolio management approach
  • Capability Development plan