The Challenge


Two great guys came to NBDA with a great vision and request: Assist us in making our dreams come true – to create a very successful chain of vegetarian restaurants.

Without hesitation, team NBDA jumped at the opportunity. The first step involved interviewing over a hundred people to understand the associations they had with traditional Chinese vegetarian food.

The results were clear and telling, paving the way for the owners to dream even bigger: To create a destination, not just for vegetarians, but also for flexitarians, and to inspire more people to eat healthily and to consume less meat. (Flexitarians: Those of us who want to consume less meat and perhaps have a healthy vegetarian meal once or twice weekly.) NBDA continued to work with Greendot to conceptualize and develop both its prototype outlet and flagship outlet.

Services Provided

  • Market research and consumer insights
  • Business model strategy
  • Brand DNA definition
  • Menu design
  • Service design
  • Staff training
  • Launch & optimization support