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As business strategists and practitioners of innovation, plotting the right innovation strategy and business growth plan for our clients is what we do best. We begin our approach by understanding our clients deeply so as to develop a customized solution best suited to their needs. Working closely with our customers, we then formulate and implement the strategy to help them create new value and accelerate growth.

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Business Strategy Design

You are thinking or dreaming of a new breakthrough business concept. You want extra brain power to make it a success.

At NBDA, we combine design thinking and business strategy to help clients find new business propositions, be it a new or enhanced product, service or experience. Through deep user research, rapid prototyping and financial modelling and validation, we provide clarity on opportunities for innovation, what is needed, and how to go beyond differentiation to become distinctively different and valued.

Growth Acceleration

You are innovating right now, or have just launched your new concept and progress is slow. You want to get better results, faster.

Using a five-step approach, we assist our clients in identifying what is needed and then build an “engine for growth”. This includes conducting research, refining concepts where required and transforming the sales and marketing functions. Working alongside senior leaders, we help our clients tailor an action plan to drive real and meaningful change, focusing on areas resulting in the greatest impact.

Service & Experience Design

You are in the service business or are thinking of a new service-centric business model. You need a carefully thought out service experience that would bring about customer delight, loyalty, and advocacy.

The goal is not just customer satisfaction, but a shift from transactional to transformational experiences to gain a competitive edge. Guided by consumer insights, and with a shared understanding of the business and brand essence, we work with our clients to pinpoint new service propositions beyond what’s out there in the market and craft customer-centric service and experiences that are truly valued.

Innovation Scan

You want a transformation for the organization to become more innovative, and to maximize the results your team can achieve.

Innovation involves more than coming up with a good idea. In order to nurture and leverage on great ideas, organizations need to build up a network of critical innovation capabilities and foster an innovative culture. Gain deep insight into the innovation management processes and tools your team requires. A detailed report will include an assessment of your organization’s current innovation climate and strengths, and identify what to address first and how.

Innovation Masterclass

You want to spark innovation within your organisation, and build a sustainable innovative culture.

Through inspiring workshops and training sessions, we infuse teams with innovation tools and competencies that are designed to drive innovation from within the company. Understand how to make innovation happen, learn how to reduce the risk of innovation failure, improve your innovation management skills and more through our fun and exciting masterclasses.